Mr. Mercedes
Device Wall Installation

Glass Eye Screenworks unveiled a brutally cool, 107-device, digital installation to promote “Mr. Mercedes,” a new AT&T AUDIENCE Network original series.  The killer mosaic wall made its debut tour at:

•  WIRED Café at San Diego Comic Con

•  Mr. Mercedes LA Premiere Party

•  AT&T LA Headquarters

“We wanted to create an original and provocative experience that really played to the unique creative properties of 108 mobile devices playing in unison. The result was actually mesmerizing.”
Mark Reitz
Principal and ECD at Glass Eye

Mr. Mercedes: A Unique Digital Experience

Glass Eye Screenworks designed the visually arresting device wall installation for DIRECTV NOW and Audience Network as part of the networks’ “Mr. Mercedes” series launch activation. Featuring 107 Samsung devices, the 6 foot by 6 foot smartphone and tablet display is the first of its kind in terms of scope, complexity and creativity. 

Glass Eye, in close collaboration with its event partner, NCompass, developed both the creative content and the custom configuration of its proprietary DemoCast™ creative solution set to support the device wall. As the mosaic wall demonstrates, DemoCast allows syncing of animations and videos across multiple devices. It can also dynamically update content to devices in real-time, schedule campaigns, and report usage in the field, allowing marketers to deploy micro-adjustments based on up-to-the-moment metrics.

With DemoCast at its center, Glass Eye enables brands to push interactive marketing content to smartphones and tablets as well as large-screen displays, laptops and desktop PCs. This lays the foundation for an eco-system that is tightly integrated from a conceptual standpoint, and greatly responsive from an implementation standpoint. All this supports Glass Eye’s concept of Omni Channel, Omni Screen Solutions.